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Hand-picked. Meticulously scrutinized.


When it comes to great coffee, it’s good to be picky. We only partner with farmers that are as committed to exceptional coffee as we are. Our Head of Coffee, and Certified Q Grader Mollie Moisan personally selects our sourcing partner farms, ensuring that our green coffee beans come from only the most distinctive and meticulously maintained farms. All green coffee has unique attributes that contribute to each flavor profile, which is why our painstaking evaluation of the source beans is so important. Your taste buds will agree.

Learn more about one of the farms we source from, and the important work they do.

Roasted to perfection.


Every roast is carefully planned from beginning to end. Once a farm is selected, our master roaster test roasts a sample of the green beans and takes them through the cupping process. We then determine exactly what roast level the coffee can handle without becoming under or overdeveloped in order to ensure optimal flavor and balance. When the cupping profile is finalized, the beans are carefully roasted using Italian brick-lined roasters that provide radiant heat and slow roasting to lock in the coffee’s ideal flavors and aromas. After the coffee has reached its optimal roast, we use the natural process of air cooling, releasing beans into cooling trays where air moves through to cool them down gently, never dousing them with water. This process takes longer, but it’s a key step in creating the freshest and smoothest cup of coffee.


At Java City, sustainability is more than the certifications on our beans—it drives everything we do. We maximize energy savings, we prioritize recycled or post-consumer materials, we minimize waste. Skylights naturally brighten our facility.  Thousands of burlap coffee bags are donated to community zoos for animal bedding and to local schools for class projects every year. Our coffee chaff (the skin that comes off of the coffee during roasting) is given to local farms for feed and mulch. We donate roasted coffee to local nonprofits. But our greatest pride is the impact our purchasing makes in coffee growing communities. Our partnership with World Coffee Research is securing a sustainable supply of coffee for the future.

Coffee Savants

At Java City, we know what makes a good cup of coffee. We also know that tastes change, weather patterns affect crops and new technology is always emerging. We are constantly watching for new coffee trends, developing new ways to enjoy coffee, and evaluating research (as well as conducting our own) to make sure our coffee is the best it can be while keeping pace with the lifestyle and needs of our coffee loving clients. This isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle

Origin Partner Farmer Profiles


Preserving Flavor, Elevating Experience
The Mountain Water Process is a meticulous dance of science and artistry. Green coffee beans are soaked in water to extract caffeine while maintaining their flavor compounds. The caffeine-rich water is then passed through activated carbon filters, capturing the caffeine molecules while allowing the flavor-laden water to permeate the beans once more. The result? A decaf coffee that boasts the same complexity and depth as its caffeinated counterpart. We’ve been down to visit the Descamex, (Descafeinadores Mexicanos) facilities in Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico and tasted the coffees side by side with the caffeinated version, with little discernable difference! 

Sustainable and Ethical Practices
Beyond flavor, Descamex prioritizes sustainability and ethical sourcing. The Mountain Water Process uses no harsh chemicals, minimizing environmental impact and ensuring a healthier product for consumers. Moreover, they partner with local coffee farmers, fostering community development and fair trade practices that support livelihoods across the coffee belt of Mexico. 

For Java City, sourcing our certified decaf coffees that are grown in Mexico, and processed in Mexico, and then to be roasted at our facilities in California means a smaller carbon footprint than any other decaf coffees available. 

Embracing the Decaf Revolution
Descamex’s Mountain Water Process challenges the notion that decaf is synonymous with compromise. It’s a testament to Mexican ingenuity and a beacon for coffee lovers seeking a more balanced lifestyle without sacrificing taste. In a world where every sip tells a story, Descamex invites you to savor the richness of Mexican coffee culture, one cup at a time. Truly “Coffee of your dreams”!

Visit the Descamex website

Java City History

Our Starting Grounds

The Java City story began in 1985 when we were roasting coffee in a small brick building in Sacramento, California. As word spread about our uncommonly smooth coffee, it became clear that we needed to add a signature coffeehouse to showcase our popular coffees. From that point on, the brick building in Sacramento’s Midtown District became both a roasting facility and a bustling café, filled with locals at all hours of the day. Though we have grown considerably since our beginnings, we continue to hand roast all of our beans using the same techniques that made our coffee famous all those years ago. The only difference today is the number of places you can find our coffee throughout the country. It’s now served at over 2,000 locations nationwide, making us one of the largest specialty coffee roasters and wholesalers. We specialize in retail, foodservice and hospitality environments, providing the expertise and support needed to run a successful operation.

Meet Mollie

As Head of Coffee for Bewley’s North America, Mollie oversees our coffee roasting and production team, ensuring we have what’s needed to create wonderful roasts for our customers. She sources and buys our  green coffee,  with an eye on sustainability goals to continuously improve our impact in regard to farmer equity and the environment. As a QC expert and Q Grader, Mollie analyzes coffee quality and determines the best roast profiles to deliver the highest quality coffee to our devoted customers.

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Mollie has a wide range of experiences in coffee.  She helped to build a US based third-tier coffee cooperative owned by farmers, and spent several  years working with an NGO in East Africa working with coffee cooperatives, specializing in quality control and helping them gain market access.  Additionally, over the years Mollie has worked with USAID-funded projects for farmer and coffee cooperatives in Senegal, Zambia, El Salvador, & Peru.  She is currently a member of the Pacific Coast Coffee Association’s Board of Directors, an organization founded in 1932 whose goal is to encourage growth and prosperity in the coffee industry.  

As a coffee enthusiast, Mollie enjoys all different styles of brew methods and the unique flavors and textures that each deliver.  Her go-to method for brewing is a V-60 pour over with 16:1 water to coffee ratio, and a shot of espresso.  “As much as I adore coffee, my favorite thing about coffee is the connection with people.  Farmers are at the heart of everything I do: strengthening relationships creates stability for coffee farmers and a fine cup for our customers!”


The art of coffee roasting can’t be replicated with computer programming.  It takes years of apprenticeship to become a Java City roaster.  Each roaster has been rigorously trained, and is capable of responding to ever so slight environmental changes that impact quality.  Armed with just a thermometer and a timer, and many years of coffee wisdom, our roasters consistently create the world’s smoothest coffee.

Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of coffee roaster? To learn what they love in a coffee, and how they brew their own at home?

Julio Nungaray Guzman, Lead Roaster

 Customer Care

You want to talk about coffee?  So does our customer care team!  Call us with your orders and all of your coffee questions.  If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find someone who does.


There’s no such thing as a coffee fairy, but this team makes sure your orders are packed and delivered within days of roasting.  They also have a 99.97% accuracy rate!  We think that makes them pretty magical.

 Field Support

Whether you’re sipping your coffee in the California sunshine, or warming up after a Massachusetts blizzard, this team is at your service for everything coffee.  Our trainers, brand representatives, and account managers are your first point of contact for making your coffee better.  This team is built of experienced baristas and café managers who know the ins-and-outs of your operations.  They are located throughout the country, tamping Espresso Tempo and bringing the taste of Midtown to you.


These are the guys (and gals) who make mechanics look easy.  Grinder not working?  No problem.  Calibration needed?  Child’s play.  Coffee brewer overflowing?  We’ve got you covered.


They take no offense at being called bean counters.  This team is here to answer your billing questions and keep your subscriptions up to date.

Julio Nungaray Guzman, Lead Roaster
Meet Julio Nungaray Guzman, Lead Roaster at Java City Coffee. We recently chatted with Julio to gain insight into his world and discover his coffee preferences.

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Q:  We all want to know, what is your favorite, and what do you like about it?

Julio:  I love Ethiopias, especially the washed from Guji.  I like the cleanness, I like the tea-like mild flavors.  I like it light roast and washed process.

Q:  So, is light roast your favorite roast level for coffee?

Julio:  Light roast, for sure.  Light roast coffee retains more of the unique flavor of each bean, instead of the flavors of the roast.  

Q:  What are your favorite flavor notes in a coffee?

Julio:  Jasmine, peach, apricot.  The mild ones, the ones you get from washed coffees, not from natural process.  Jasmine notes give coffee a refreshing, floral aroma, while peach and apricot notes add sweetness and vibrancy.

Q:  What is your preferred brew method?

Julio:  Chemex!  Sometimes I do espresso, but at home, I always use a Chemex following a ratio of 15:1 water to coffee.  It’s my favorite way to prepare coffee and serve to friends.  I enjoy the process, and it makes a great cup of coffee.

Q:  Last question.  What is a fun fact that most people don’t know about you?

Julio:  I have chickens in my backyard.  I currently have three chickens, they lay three eggs per day during the summer and spring, and they go a little slower in the winter.  I’m also trying to get some bees.  Many coffee farmers are also beekeepers.  Like coffee, honey from bees also carries the flavor characteristics of the environment around them, and I hope to soon have my own bees to harvest honey.

Java Crew

We believe that the coffee experience should make everyday life a little richer. A good cup of coffee can be the catalyst for a perfect day. It’s our goal to create an unforgettable coffee experience, every time.

The Java City team is a blend of perfectionist roasters, an experienced production crew and a friendly sales and support department. Much like our coffee, we have procured the very best team members from around the world to create gratifying relationships that keep our customers coming back for more.

Please contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.

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